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We Recycle Electronics and MORE

US Trade and Technologies began its operations in 2010. We are consistently striving to deliver quality recycling services and e-recycling awareness.  US Trade and Technologies is proud of its association with a number of nonprofit organizations to whom it has brought significant amounts of refurbished equipment for use in domestic and overseas missions and schools. Likewise, US Trade and Technologies has diverted a large quantities of e-waste from Illinois landfills through cost-effective material recovery and by returning these byproducts back into the re-use stream.

Electronic Recycling For Commercial

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Electronic Recycling For the General Public (Drop off)

As a registered IL EPA recycler, US Trade and Technologies  accepts the following electronic devices for proper recycling FREE of charge to households and consumers at our facility:
- Computers incl. Printers, scanners, copiers, mice, keyboards, speakers, etc.
- Laptops, Notebooks, GPS and other electronic display devices
- Telephones and telecom equipment incl. fax machines and cell phones
- Game consoles, Play stations, controllers and other peripherals
- Video players, DVD players, radios, cassette players etc.
We do not  accept Crt monitor/TVs


What We Collect
• Computers (Desktop, Laptop)
• Keyboards and Mice
• Printers / Scanners / Fax Machines
• Copy Machines
• Stereos / Radios
• DVD / CD / Cassette Tape players
• Cell Phones, pagers
• Gaming Consoles / Handheld Games
• Extension Cords / Christmas Lights
• Routers/Modems/Switching Boxes
• CDs / DVDs / Floppy Disks / Games
• Hard Drives / Other Memory Devices
• Small Household Appliances
• Microwaves
• Cameras
• Rechargeable Batteries
• Circuit Boards or Electronic Equipment
• Medical Devices
• Carbon Monoxide Detectors
- We do charge for media (DATA MEDIA, VHS, TAPES, CD, ETC…) please call for pricing. In most case we pickup for free of charge only at some circumstance we may charge for pickup. Please call or email us at info@ustradetech.com for more details.  
NOTE: We DO NOT accept some of the Electronics please call for details.

Schools, Corporations and Local Government Organizations

US Trade and Technologies  has experience and the capacity for large scale asset recovery including but not limited to computers and electronic office machinery. We also specialize in industrial electronic equipment re-cycling needs. USTT can customize a Company Asset Recovery Plan providing documentation to meet and exceed State, Federal Regulations and your Corporate Environmental Responsibility record keeping.

See US Trade and Technologies’ commitment to the business community by reading our Assets Recovery Assurance and Downstream Due Diligence.