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Due to the nature of our business our inventory changes frequently.


We have an eBay store and Amazon store to serve you!


Please take a look at either our ebay store/Amazon Store  or our inventory to find what you need for your IT requirements.


Disclaimer: The items that we sell through our web site, and through our eBay store are all intended for end users with the intention of re-use or refurbishment.


We specialize in Refurbish PCs, Monitors, and Printers. We have Pc P 4 and Dual Core, Core 2 and higher MHz starting from  2.6 GHz price range varies and depending on mega hertz and various memory and hard drive option. We have LCD monitor pricing depending on sizes. if you are interested in do whole sale we be happy to give whole price. Please call for further detail.


Please contact us for availability and price.