US Trade and Technologies is committed to providing an environmentally responsible e-waste solution for you.

Who We Are


Annually, over 180 million tons of garbage is thrown away in America. Most people don’t think about garbage, knowing that it’s taken “away”. But “away” is to a landfill. Landfills are air sealed which doesn’t allow materials to decompose, highly toxic, produce many greenhouse gas emissions, and always leak, contaminating ground water and causing various other adverse health effects.  Over 70% of the items thrown away are recyclable, 20% of which are computers or other e-waste.

The founder of US Trade and Technologies (USTT), Itret H Syed, took the initiative to do something about the improper disposal of electronics. USTT does not thrown out any computers and abides by the strictest guidelines set by the EPA to dismantle, sort, and recycle retired electronics in the safest and most ethical manner.

USTT is one of the Chicago land’s first electronic recycling facilities, starting in a garage in Barrington, IL, in 2010. What started out as one man’s mission to help the environment has grown to two location headquarters; 2005 Bloomindale Rd, suite D, Glendale Heights, IL, 60139, and the warehouse/processing center at 399 Wall St. Suite D. Glendale Heights, IL 60139. USTT is available to anyone and everyone, the general public as well as Fortune 500 companies.

Every year, USTT has been able to triple the amount of recycled electronics, disposing of electronics successfully and recycling parts that would’ve otherwise ended up in landfills, adding unnecessary space and toxicity. Newly designed town, school, and community programs along with increasing relations with commercial businesses means our services are making a greater difference every day.

We’re proud to play a part in making our future a cleaner and safer place.
We’re making the change, are you?
Do your part. Spread the word. Make a change.
Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.