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Need to schedule a pickup for items you need recycled? Simply fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch ASAP.
Be sure to describe exactly what you’ll be recycling and how much.

Additional handling fees?

Free Pickup for Corporate Clients

We accept  electronics for recycling.
Our minimal handling fee reflects our costs associated with proper disposal of the following toxic items.
An equal rebate is offered toward an USTT refurbished CED.

  • Printers $10 per (TOXIC ITEM)
  • VCRs  $5 per (TOXIC ITEM)
  • VCR Tapes $ 5.00 per Lbs  (TOXIC ITEM)
  • Large commercial copiers, $50 per (2 person handling fee)

Fuel plus handling fees.

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- CPU/laptop/server
- Tube Monitor ($10 per item
- LCD Monitor/flat TV
- Printers/Fax/misc
- Large Copier ($30 per item) INCLUDE TYPE/MODEL
- Tube/Projection TV ($20-$40 per item)

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